Saturday, 26 February 2011

Introduction - Over

Here are the last few of this month. Introduction over, I plan on posting once or twice a month for reasons of convenience and also because it will give a clearer idea of my work from each month.

    Composite of three pictures. If I could afford a wider lens, I would have used it. Strange that this hill is fenced in, it's not exactly my idea of a playground.

    I good. You good?

   As cool as they come. Nice background I think I'll return to, see if I can improve although I like this.

    Buggy, headphones, one hand on the wheel, SALE.

   Shadowplay. I feel I've been making too many portrait oriented shots recently, but sometimes it really is necessary.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Introduction - Part III

   Window shopping. Window cleaning.

   Quiet. Its private.

   And the clouds did break, and the light was good. Or something like that.


   What are you all laughing at?

   Balloon mother.

   I saw a red door and I want it painted white.

   Words in images. Hmmm?

   Smile, you're on camera.

That is a big building.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Introduction - Part II

Here is the second part of my introduction, posting past work, in preparation for my new stuff.


   How many people does it take to measure a room?

   Running into spaces.

Pre-focused, then taken from the hip. Rule number one of street photography. There are no rules.

   Once I was that boy.

   Windy? You could say that.

   Speed kills, flowers remember.

   I know you can't see it but, Thumbs up!


Windy? You could say that.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Introduction - Part I

    I decided to create a blog to share my street photographs.  I feel street photography to be one of the more challenging areas of photography as you never know what you will be presented with and are required to act quickly to capture that which is only fleetingly there.  This challenge conversely allows me to really be aware of my environment, concentrating on and by photographing it, being part of the scene itself.

  This first post contains some of my past images as an introduction to my work.  After I have finished posting all parts of this introduction, I will post as I shoot new pictures.

    Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Sometimes you find a place and wait. This was one of those moments.

   Sleeping in their truck with the engine running almost right outside my front door. Nice tattoo.

   Decisions, decisions...

   Can you tell what it is yet?

   Stop and take a break.

   Fashion- Few trend setters introduce the new thing, early adoption by some followers leading to mass conformity and then the next trend. Repeat ad nauseum.

   Good light and good grouping. Good.

   Queueing for the Ladies.

   Its a dangerous job, but somebody has got to do it.