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Monday, 4 April 2011

Times they are a changin'

Hi everyone.  Heres my latest entry covering the last two weeks or so.  Spring is pretty much upon us now, as the weather warms up people are migrating outdoors in search of the sun.  So as the seasons continue in their indefatigable way, I hope this year is a good one for you.
This is from mid-March when spring seemed a long way away.

Another one of the park in the mist on my daily walk to University.

One advantage with being at University is the plethora of quality Photography books

I decided to vary my way into town and came across this staircase. Simple and stark.

Students will be students.  I have a picture somewhere of the same statue with a traffic cone on his head.


Entrance.  I especially liked the textures and patina on the wall.

Framing was a little off, but I kept it here to remind me.




Triple reflection on the first "T-shirt day" of the year.

Strong sunlight changes everything and forces you to see things differently.


He's looking at you.

Layers and vulnerable feet.

No to the education cuts.  Lecturers protesting instead of students.

I've still not decided how I should have framed this better.  Closer or from another angle.  Maybe should have let those two pedestrians go past.  Empty spaces make shapes too!!!

Some people will never be bothered about protests.

I'd like this better if there weren't so many words.


ITV news? I think.

Another news network at the education cuts rally.

Couple of likely lads.  I had to sort out backfocus on my lens after this.

Indoor climbing. It's harder than it looks.